ChefEFX Introduces Digital Kitchen Timer As Latest Product Offering On Amazon

ChefEFX Introduces Digital Kitchen Timer As Latest Product Offering On Amazon

Kitchen supply firm ChefEFX recently introduced their latest product on the Amazon storefront. The ChefEFX digital kitchen timer can be a helpful device that includes a large display and a loud alarm.

Best Kitchen Timer - ChefEFX, supplier of helpful kitchen goods like the ChefEFX Digital Thermometer, features their latest product, digital Kitchen Timer. This helpful new device fits nicely using the company�s other products and like those products is currently offered by a discount price about the ChefEFX Amazon storefront. ChefEFX founder Mark Williams introduced this cool product and commented, �We are pumped up about this new digital kitchen timer and we're sure the cooks of most skill sets will see it helpful as a kitchen tool.�

The timer was created to be as useful to cooks as possible. The large digital display can be seen as far as 20 feet away from the surface the timer is positioned on as well as the alarm that sounds at the end of the set time is loud and clear in order that cooks can hear it even when they are in another room of the house.

For maximum versatility, the timer features both count down and total capabilities that let cooks time dishes inside a selection of 100 minutes. The timer also offers a memory function for those who cook the same dish regularly.

Another mark of versatility and something of the more unique features of the timer is always that it's both a magnet and a clip attached in order that it could be hung on any metal object or propped up on an appartment surface. Best Kitchen Timer
The ChefEFX Digital Kitchen Timer is provided using a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee and the business is currently managing a promotion in order that the first 500 customers that like this product also receive two free recipe eBooks like a bonus.